Well Honestly let me confess I am not so good at cooking but you cannot beat me when
its time to feed my belly, I doesn't care if that I will get more than require calories, But all I need is to eat until my tummy is not happy. I wonder why Gupta Ji is so famous for breakfast at his house,whoever see him , they first asks him when he would invite them for breakfast at his house . Obviously Gupta ji's wife knows a wide range of recipes specially for breakfast

Well I am habitual of having tea and snacks everyday on breakfast and got bored with all this
but I wonder if I get a chance to visit Gupta ji’s house then I will not step back to eat something special , delicious and nutritious then really it will refresh my tongue for tastes.  My mouth is watering from the day I got to know that Gupta Ji is famous for their intense recipe for breakfast ,I will definitely have a visit .

I have found some of their famous breakfast recipe and also did some research on those recipe, believe me I am just waiting for the day to put those foods inside my mouth . Few of their famous recipes which I will be going to any how at Gupta Ji’s house are

Cornflakes Coconut Laddos
pic credit : www.kelloggs.in
Which are made by Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Nuts, Condensed milk, ghee and coconut. No doubt that these are very tasty and enriched with multivitamins. Do you know what’s so special about these Laddos? I can carry these with my lunch box and eat whenever my tummy wants more .  As I told these Laddos has nuts, milk, coconuts which provide enough nutrition and energy at the required time of breakfast

Banana MilkShare
pic credit : www.kelloggs.in
Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away , I believe that this Banana MilkShare at breakfast gives enough nutrition to face the hectic schedule in the entire day as it is enriched with multivitamins and foods that enhance the immunity . It contains milk, Kellogg's Corn Flakes, and banana . It is also beneficial for the people who do regular workout.
Almond Strawberry Corn Flakes
pic credit : www.kelloggs.in
What a recipe indeed! My mouth is watering just looking at the name of this recipe . We all know the use and benefits of strawberry as well as almonds  . Don’t ask how much of strawberry I can eat at once, because it is one of my most favorite . I will ask Gupta Ji to fill my plate with more of it .

pic credit : www.kelloggs.in
Cherry Vanilla Milk ShakeJust look at the title "Cherry Vanilla with Milk" What a special drink it is , this is the one that I can not to have it Gupta Ji!  Pure and enriched with the yummy tastes of  vanilla, sweetness of cherry and smoothness of milk, this special drink is try made for out mouth and mind that we will lost ourselves in the blend of the tastes . Its my request to Gupta Ji, that please allow me to visit their house for a breakfast .
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  In this world of technology we have reached at that communication level where we always need of accessibility with the world anytime and from anywhere. Being an IT Security Analysis , Blogger, gaming addicted and a internet addict its very important for me to stay connected and have minimal resources in hand as an emergency backup because I cannot carry my laptop anytime and anywhere  so I need something handy with which I can play with the devices and do at least all my necessary works but I cannot compare it with my giant laptop on  its’ working capabilities.

All I want smart device which will allow me to connect with the high speed internet connectivity facilities, hyper threading fast processor combined with high speed ram to work smoothly with all my required apps. I also love photography so having high resolution integrated  camera is must necessary for me and higher storage space to keep all my required data and entertainment stuffs , but if I combine all these features in a single device then I have think about my pocket too, but it’s a surprise that New Moto E is heavily armored with all these features and with pocket friendly price .I would love to begin my smartphone journey with the new Moto E  (2 nd Generation)  with its’ enhanced features for my daily task , entertainments and to do more.

I choose to capture more
Being a photography addict I always need a camera in my hand to click randomly whatever catch my eyes , the new Moto E is equipped with 5mp primary camera integrated with f/ 2.2 apertures with which I can shoot some beautiful pictures , I can tap over the screen to focus on a particular point and capture a beautiful picture indeed . I can also click wide view of an area with its’ panorama feature as well as I can also record videos in slow motion which is truly impressive and oh yes! I can click selfie with it’s front camera .

I choose to play and experience more
As an IT Security analysis I would run some rigid apps.  For some tough testing and network scanning jobs. The new Moto E can run very smoothly and can easily handle my payloads because it has 1 GB Ram ,powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and beautifully married with Android Lollipop OS .  It also has Adreno 306, 400Mhz GPU on which I can play my favorite high end graphics games very efficiently  and can also enjoy ultra-clear and bright videos on the screen.

I choose to Connect and access more
Connectivity is the mandatory needs in this present moment and with the changes in level of communication for faster connectivity and data transformation. Today I live in the virtual world of the internet more than in my real world, so I need access to the internet at any moment in every possible ways so that I can connect with my dear ones , share and upload videos , do my security related works and much more .   The new Moto E has accessibility of 4G LTE by which I can connect with the internet in much faster way than before . I can share and download data much more faster than before, It also has front camera with that I can do video chatting much smoothly . I can also connect with Wifi 802.11 b/g/n , it also has hotspot with which I can share the my phone’s internet with other Wifi enabled devices.

I choose to see more
As a gaming and movie addicted what else I need other than graphics processor , enough Ram, and a fast processor ? It’s the large screen , yes the new Moto E comes with 4.5” wide qHD screen which has resolutions of 540 x 960 , and supported with Adreno 306 GPU , by which I can see more sharp and clear , enjoy videos and games in that wide screen . It also has Gorilla Glass 3 which will protect my screen from damages and unwanted scratches. . A large screen need enough power to run as well as high performance processor needs enough power too to run smoothly , so  one of the more important thing is , it comes with a battery of 2390 mAh which give interrupted power backup of whole day so that I will not feel down during my work and entertainment

I choose to Store more
The main shortage in the digital world is storage capabilities , the more we do the more space will be needed,  well I click photos, I play a lots of games and videos , I love music and I also need to carry lots of important documents and for that I need enough space to store all these stuffs , I choose Moto E because it has 8 GB internal storage and can be extended with MicroSD card up to 32 GB which is enough for my use and I can carry my world wherever I go.

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I believe life is too short to regret for our did and always complaining about every bad things in life, nothing is perfect or readily available in the we want but we have to make the things perfect or adjust ourselves according to the things. As well as many people thinks that they don’t have happiness in their fortune, they don’t deserve to be happy etc. but remember happiness doesn't  comes and go , we have to find out the things that makes up, compel us to smile and make us jump like kids , I am going to share the key of my happiness below.. 

Playing my guitar
Music is one essence of our life that tune up our memories and moments. Playing guitar is one of my favorite hobby and I play it often to entertain myself as well as  it makes me so happy . I remember  I went to a guitar class for just a month and left the class because I was the crappiest student in that class , I cannot play it very well as I still face problems while playing scales and chords , I don’t play guitar for the world but for myself to enhance my smile and happiness . It also helps me to come out of stress and feel myself relaxed.

Diary Entries
Everyone has a secret keeper in their life they may be friend, parents, partner etc. who holds all the secret of a person and promise to never share with anyone . My secret keeper is my diary where I write my daily activities, my deep secrets , my sorrows, happiness and I find that all of my secrets are safe with it. Honestly I don’t have much friends in my real life as I can’t  open up with everyone  but I think diary is that one place where I can share whatever inside my brain and I feel so happy with it. Whenever I passes through bad times I turn back the pages and I smile , it also helps me to sort out where I was wrong and right in past .

I do what I love & I love what I do
Most of us are frustrated with our daily life because of work we do but we don’t like to do it actually, and daily busy life schedule. Believe me if you do what you love and love what you do then you will never feel like you have a huge burden over your head  .  I love hacking and that’s why I have choose my career in IT Security, I sit whole day in front of  computer  and test the network but I never get bored yet and I love my work, it makes me extremely happy and always keep me refreshed . I made my hobbies as my career , I love photography so I became freelance photographer, I love to write so I am a blogger and I love to explore the network so I became an ethical hacker and because of these I  enjoy my work .

I love to spend time alone

I love lonely and calm places away from the buzzing noises of city , crowd of people , where there is no disturbance . I often find myself overwhelmed with things in life that I want to do to makes my life happy but the more I do the more I achieve life becomes more complicated , Simply spending some time alone for myself helps me to know that, how a simple life is more beautiful  than a life I tend to achieve .  By spending time alone with myself also helps me to go deep inside my mind and understand myself more . I feel recharged and get intense mind energy to focus on my path . 

Photography is one of my hobby, well I am not a good professional photographer but I love to click anything that I feel attractive with my eyes.  I love to capture the world and all the memorable moments of my life with my lens . It also enhance my feelings of reality and virtual for anything to think from deep inside so that I can click the same photo in more artistic way. I don’t know what is so special about clicking photos or photography but it gives me an inner joy which comes out with a pure smile from my heart. 

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one of the memorable click
My life is little different from people normally, my dad is in defense and he use to transfer from one place to another after every two or three years because of his duty and I too has to move along with him and because of his transfer I get to visit and stay at different place around this nation and I have learnt different culture and traditions, I have also studied in six different school in six different states which was an amazing experience.

But there are lot of despise moments hold me back from achieving my goals and makes me feel down. Its nice that I have learnt to adjust myself in every environment and I becomes friendly with people around me at every new place, but the painful moments were when I had to leave the place , the people and friends .  The more I become friendly with people , the more I will cry at the time of leaving that place and because of this sometime I became afraid of making new friends and hanging around with people because I know that one day I have to leave this place and go somewhere else .  Now you can imagine if I have studied in six school and in six different states then how much of despise and painful moments I had faced. Every time I use to leave a school my eyes were full of tears , my dreams were broken , I loosed many of my best friends I has left behind those people who inspired me adjust myself in that place and moved ahead with some hopeless hope .  I made many friends at every corner of this country and loosed much more friends than I have made, even now I don’t remember some of their faces . At every new place it becomes very difficult for me to adjust with the place at least for first two months and then again I afraid of making friends .  Life was so tough for until I joined the higher secondary school at KV RBNM Salboni , West Bengal .

I don’t know what’s so special about this school, place and those people , but every single moment I have lived here and  living yet now has inspired me, they never let me feel down . I was afraid that these people are different and would be tough for me to adjust with them ,but I remember  I joined this school on 1st August 2010 and from the very beginning day the people of my batch became very good friends and I came back to home with a charming smile
 . They taught me what is friendship , how to smile and laugh from deep inside me and slowly they became so attached , we had tremendous fun that will be in memories till my last day. I studied here my higher secondary and the last day of our school life was very emotional , I thought that I will break myself again but no,  we spent the entire day being all together we shared our joys, sorrows, dreams and promised to stay connected by all possible mean . It has motivated me a lot, rather than breaking down myself, it was an optimism for me to walk ahead to fulfill my dream , stay focused and to be a good human.                                                       

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Our life is like the waves of the ocean , sometime it goes high, again it falls down , sometime it is stable and sometime there are unpredictable high and low tides . our life is beautiful indeed but there are full of uncertainty and we don’t know that what is ahead and what we have to grow through . we are bounded with emotions , duty , responsibility and humanity , but apparently we meet a situation where we have to choose any one between  duty , responsibility , humanity and emotions .

There were some moments when I was bounded with the same duty , responsibility , emotions and humanity but I was confused with myself that which one was right to choose and someone was right that everything happens for a reason .  Being in a distance relationship we hold the hands from miles away , we breath in the same air and share the same sky , but it  needs a lots of faith, determination , and love that inspires our body, mind and soul . I have been in a long distance relationship from past few years , everything was going well according to me, we use to meet twice or thrice a year . I was happy more than anything else but sometime it was tough for us to control our emotions and desires from miles away , we were not near so that when we want we can meet and see each other, we cannot have our dearest one when we needed our dearest person .  But still everything was going well until one day she suddenly told me that , she thinks she likes someone else and she have feelings for him, it was a painful moment for both of us, I was complete speechless and a part of me has been vanished at an once .

She was diverted because of my absence beside her, when she needed me I was not there and lot of misunderstandings . I tried a lot make her understand, realize the situations of long distance relationship and everything that was possible by me but she wanted me to leave her. I tried to become strong because I had to make an important decision of life , and  I asked to myself “ What is love? Am I being selfish ? What if I lose her ?“  and someone from inside me answered “ Love is when you care for each other , when you want to see your partner happy , but if you love her then it doesn't mean that she will love you back too , her heart may be pumping for someone else, you may think that you love her most but someone else also can love her more than you do”   . I loved her so much and I was ready to leave her if she was happy with her decision  But I had a complete doubt that she was in tremendous misunderstanding , she was my responsibility so, I could not let her go simply as I didn't know about the guy , she may be going to the wrong person .
So I told her that I am not selfish for losing her, all I want was  her happiness , if she is not happy with me and then she can leave me but first take break from me and hang on the guy just to observe him , I didn't have any intention for comparison of love , all I wanted was to make her realize what’s wrong and what’s right, let her talk with her parents and friends , let her ask herself  and feel her misunderstandings .

For few days I thought that I have lost her as there was no calls and texts from her, but at one evening she called me apologized  for all her misunderstandings .  Till now she and me are together and she loves me more than I do (honestly ) .

All I have learnt from this is nothing is perfect in this world , we have adjust ourselves to make that perfect for us , it needs faith and love that inspires our mind , body and soul .

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There is no doubt that our life can be so tough and we are warped with many dreams , but when life becomes harder we stop chasing our dreams , as we afraid that we might not succeed , we also that the society will make fun of our failure and so on.   In the book of life there are some pages which can be tough and rigid but that doesn't mean that we should cover ourselves under the blanket of fear .

Even I have many dreams to fulfill, many goals  to achieve and so many desires to feel , but I failed for countless number of times . Sometime my past made me feel down and I afraid for another failure and I thought that I failed with myself.

But nature taught me a lot of things and it has filled me with positive ideas, optimism and a chance to give a mark into my life.  We human are so greedy that to  gather honey we break  the shelters(beehives) of bees  , but the bees fly away to another place where they can build their new shelter and provide livelihood to their offspring . They doesn't forget their past but they doesn't regret about past and try to live in their new shelter properly.  This activity has really brought me a positive sense and optimism about past that, everyone had their past that may be good or bad, but we have to stop worrying about our past because if we keep worrying about past then it will not let us to live the good times those are yet to come.

Another incident which has really motivated me , few months back I saw a blind man hanging a harmonium on his neck , singing traditional song and asking money for help , hey was singing nicely but they way he was playing the harmonium was awesome or if I say in my word then he was playing that perfectly . I gave him Rs. 10 and I could not stop myself from asking him that he can not see but how can he play that instrument so nicely. Hey replied to me so nicely Earlier when I started to learn I could not find where is the required key, I could not match the sequence of music for the songs, people laughed at me but I kept trying and now it has become easy for me to play, now I am also habitual of playing this instruments as well as to hear the laughs of people ".

I was complete speechless with his answer , but his words gave me a lot of positivity and filled a optimism about never to give up . I realized that if a man without who cannot see but he can play a musical instrument so nicely , but I have eyes , two legs , hands and a healthy body but still I afraid of failure, I have to give try and failure doesn't mean that I am failed but I have another chance to work hard for my goal.

Life is like the waves of the oceans which rises and falls downs and after sometime it rises again rises again . With all the optimism above I have learned that, we may face obstructions and burden between our life and goals  but we should never  give up . Every single failure teach us few more things and our weakness , we should be a learner and a optimist so that we can keep positivity in every single moment and learn from our surroundings .

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Being a part of defense family I feel myself very lucky and I love the way I always get to live . My mom and dad are those idols who always guided me to do the best and always supported my till yet to do what I want and love to do .

My dad is in defense  and because of his unscheduled duty , he only able to spend few amount of time with me and mom . I was a very bad student and has never scored any good marks even till now I get poor marks in college , but whenever my dad use to come back home  he never got upset with my poor marks and his only question was “Have your learnt something or not? I want you to learn, gain knowledge and skills I am not upset with your mark” .  Whenever he used to say this I felt much better like someone has just healed my wounds. He never refused my request, he has never said me the word “no” on any of my request, he just wanted me to grow up into a better person , he wanted me to see happy with the I love to do and choose the better path . But I am that bad son who never thought that how could his parents would able to manage the expenditure on what he is going to do or pursue. But whenever I asked my mom and dad about anything that I wish to learn or I want the just told me “yes go ahead” .

Honestly, my mom don’t know to read or write properly but her only motive in life from the day I was born was to make educated and let me learn as much I can,  whenever I win something or shown her my achievements I can see the tears of joy in her eyes which really melts and motivates me .   When I was in class 'VIII' , I saw my friends were having their own computers at home  and I cried a lot because I didn’t have any.  I requested mom without thinking for a once that how she will afford the price of a computer but she gifted me a computer like a surprise with her savings and today I am professionally an ethical hacker and sometimes  I feel proud for this .

My mom and Dad always encouraged and guided me their best to grow up into a more better person , fulfill my dream and to become a more self-reliant person . Sometimes I feel like one has to be very lucky to get parents like mine . They taught me to stand up in my own feet , they taught me to dream and to fulfill them . They also taught me to value the money, listen to my own heart and do the things that makes me happy.  

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