Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao #MyFamilyMyPride

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Being a part of defense family I feel myself very lucky and I love the way I always get to live . My mom and dad are those idols who always guided me to do the best and always supported my till yet to do what I want and love to do .

My dad is in defense  and because of his unscheduled duty , he only able to spend few amount of time with me and mom . I was a very bad student and has never scored any good marks even till now I get poor marks in college , but whenever my dad use to come back home  he never got upset with my poor marks and his only question was “Have your learnt something or not? I want you to learn, gain knowledge and skills I am not upset with your mark” .  Whenever he used to say this I felt much better like someone has just healed my wounds. He never refused my request, he has never said me the word “no” on any of my request, he just wanted me to grow up into a better person , he wanted me to see happy with the I love to do and choose the better path . But I am that bad son who never thought that how could his parents would able to manage the expenditure on what he is going to do or pursue. But whenever I asked my mom and dad about anything that I wish to learn or I want the just told me “yes go ahead” .

Honestly, my mom don’t know to read or write properly but her only motive in life from the day I was born was to make educated and let me learn as much I can,  whenever I win something or shown her my achievements I can see the tears of joy in her eyes which really melts and motivates me .   When I was in class 'VIII' , I saw my friends were having their own computers at home  and I cried a lot because I didn’t have any.  I requested mom without thinking for a once that how she will afford the price of a computer but she gifted me a computer like a surprise with her savings and today I am professionally an ethical hacker and sometimes  I feel proud for this .

My mom and Dad always encouraged and guided me their best to grow up into a more better person , fulfill my dream and to become a more self-reliant person . Sometimes I feel like one has to be very lucky to get parents like mine . They taught me to stand up in my own feet , they taught me to dream and to fulfill them . They also taught me to value the money, listen to my own heart and do the things that makes me happy.  

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