The Key of My happiness

I believe life is too short to regret for our did and always complaining about every bad things in life, nothing is perfect or readily available in the we want but we have to make the things perfect or adjust ourselves according to the things. As well as many people thinks that they don’t have happiness in their fortune, they don’t deserve to be happy etc. but remember happiness doesn't  comes and go , we have to find out the things that makes up, compel us to smile and make us jump like kids , I am going to share the key of my happiness below.. 

Playing my guitar
Music is one essence of our life that tune up our memories and moments. Playing guitar is one of my favorite hobby and I play it often to entertain myself as well as  it makes me so happy . I remember  I went to a guitar class for just a month and left the class because I was the crappiest student in that class , I cannot play it very well as I still face problems while playing scales and chords , I don’t play guitar for the world but for myself to enhance my smile and happiness . It also helps me to come out of stress and feel myself relaxed.

Diary Entries
Everyone has a secret keeper in their life they may be friend, parents, partner etc. who holds all the secret of a person and promise to never share with anyone . My secret keeper is my diary where I write my daily activities, my deep secrets , my sorrows, happiness and I find that all of my secrets are safe with it. Honestly I don’t have much friends in my real life as I can’t  open up with everyone  but I think diary is that one place where I can share whatever inside my brain and I feel so happy with it. Whenever I passes through bad times I turn back the pages and I smile , it also helps me to sort out where I was wrong and right in past .

I do what I love & I love what I do
Most of us are frustrated with our daily life because of work we do but we don’t like to do it actually, and daily busy life schedule. Believe me if you do what you love and love what you do then you will never feel like you have a huge burden over your head  .  I love hacking and that’s why I have choose my career in IT Security, I sit whole day in front of  computer  and test the network but I never get bored yet and I love my work, it makes me extremely happy and always keep me refreshed . I made my hobbies as my career , I love photography so I became freelance photographer, I love to write so I am a blogger and I love to explore the network so I became an ethical hacker and because of these I  enjoy my work .

I love to spend time alone

I love lonely and calm places away from the buzzing noises of city , crowd of people , where there is no disturbance . I often find myself overwhelmed with things in life that I want to do to makes my life happy but the more I do the more I achieve life becomes more complicated , Simply spending some time alone for myself helps me to know that, how a simple life is more beautiful  than a life I tend to achieve .  By spending time alone with myself also helps me to go deep inside my mind and understand myself more . I feel recharged and get intense mind energy to focus on my path . 

Photography is one of my hobby, well I am not a good professional photographer but I love to click anything that I feel attractive with my eyes.  I love to capture the world and all the memorable moments of my life with my lens . It also enhance my feelings of reality and virtual for anything to think from deep inside so that I can click the same photo in more artistic way. I don’t know what is so special about clicking photos or photography but it gives me an inner joy which comes out with a pure smile from my heart. 

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