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The devastating earthquake in Nepal took away the life of more than 4500 innocent people and the death toll is still rising, we don’t know how many people are still trapped beneath the debris. The army and officials are trying their best to rescue the people .  It has touched the millions of hearts and people are trying their best to help Nepal by donating to charities and NGO. But before donating your valuable money for the noble work you should be aware that there are lots of shameless people around the world who are ready to make use of this moment of grief for their personal gain.

You should avoid charities that has emerged within overnight, you may see popup that uses some emotional lines with a “donate now” button , you may receive unusual emails , links in social media and texts from fraudster that asks you to donate for the noble reason but you don't  know that where the money they are giving it to. Not only on this moment but whenever and earthquake , flood, storm or other natural disasters strikes , these fraud people try to collect donation for personal gain in the name of charities .Beware of these things  they can take your money for their personal gain.

If you are willing to donate at this moment of sorrow, do some basic research about the charities to whom you are donating your money . No charities will use 100% of the donation to help the people , but make sure that they use at least 65% of the donations to help the victims.

Here are some trusted charities and relief funds that using most of the donations to help the victims of Nepal earthquake:


INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS by FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/nepalearthquakesupport



CARE : (Cooperative for and Relief Everywhere)

We all wants to contribute but make sure that the money reaches to the right people, because the environment of Nepal is infected , people are dying to drink a bottle of safe drinking water, they are waiting for medic to heal their injuries . Please donate your money wisely , it may help  to get them safe water, medical aids, blankets and temporary residence .