Me & Dad

Our parents doesn’t need any special day or occasion to hug them and show our gratitude. They deserve our love and gratitude at each and every moment we reach a milestone, at every moments that brings smile on our face , it’s because of their hard works , we are seeing this beautiful world because of them.

My dad is an army man and because of his duty he stayed out most often as it was not possible for him to take me and mom along with him because sometime he was transferred disturbed area where   it was dangerous to keep family members . I could see the pain in my mom's eyes which use to wait eagerly from couple of months to get a glimpse of dad .
I remember my childhood when the telecommunication were not so developed , I use to write letters  to my dad with my messy scrambled handwriting. my handwriting was so dirty to read that I always wondered that he really did read all those letters ? When dad comes back on holidays he use to spend his entire time with me and mom. He still keeps my all those letters in a diary and always carry it inside his luggage wherever he goes. Whenever I ask him ‘Oh dad why do you carry all those old letters ? “ He always says “I see your childhood in those letters”

I remember those of our worse days when me and mom both has fallen ill. My dad had went to refreshment training for 45 day but he was informed about our illness, he left the training and came back to take care of us. He washed our dirty clothes, cooked food for us and nourished me and mom just like a mother do .He extended his leave to take care of us and help us to get well soon , for leave extension he also has faced many harassment from his department but he survived these all just to take care of us more better as we don’t have anyone else to take care of us.

I don’t have any brother and sister to play and share some fun moments, but whenever I needed someone to talk and share my words, my dad always stood beside me as a friend, as a brother and a great mentor and never let me felt like alone . Still now he is the only person in this world with whom I feel very comfortable to share my any problems and I love the way he suggest me to handle any situations . He dedicated everything for my education and betterment , he still don’t ride any motorcycle because he want to save that money for my education . I am waiting for that day to gift him a bike with my own earned my. It doesn’t matter for him that if I don’t be a good engineer, doctor or lawyer, all he wants me to be a good human.

“Dad, I wish you were here today so that I can hug you tight. You have done enough duty for this nation, now please come back home soon. Love you…”

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I believe that dreams are the words from God which shows us that how far we can go, how much we are capable of doing and what are our capabilities. Yes we need to dream because they shows us what we are and sometime they also tell us the right path to be chosen .

People are born with some aims and motto, as we grow up into different phases then the one inside us rise some desires which are to be fulfilled . Like sometime I dream of flying high on sky with parachute ,diving deep into the ocean and playing with the beautiful fish and blah.

If you can dream it then you can do it because you only dream it when you are capable of it  , your soul, your will, your desire says that you can do it. You may face many obstructions on your path but you can face them all.
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I always wanted a app which is developed by the telecom operator itself of whom I am using the network connection , because we cannot always trust the third party apps for recharge , storing of family numbers and so on.  Finally Airtel has brought  its own “My Airtel App” from where we can do all our necessities such as recharge, pay bills and remove lots of annoying things from our daily life .

View validity, tariff, special offers, plans at one place
Its very annoying to ask the retailers every time for special recharge , tariff and so on , it is also tough to remember that which tariff is going to end on which date,  and which data plan is suitable for me. Howdy!  My Airtel App is going to remove all these annoying things because My Airtel App is packed with interesting features as with this we can view the validity of our account and tariff , it also gives the reminder if any tariff is going to end in few days, it also gives reminder  on any pending bills.  We can also see the 2g , 3g data plans , tariffs, as well as special offer of the day and many more. We can also manage all the active services from this App and yes we can recharge any other Airtel number from this app . One of the most important feature is it contains data plan calculator in which we can calculate how much of data will be used by us per day so that we can understand which data plan will be well suited for our requirements.
One app for multiple numbers

Suppose you have more than one Airtel number or you want to add the Airtel number of your family , it is very easy to add , just enter the number and a one-time password will be sent to that number to verify it, Once you have entered the one time password then the number will be successfully added into the my Airtel app. Why  I like this feature because from one place we can monitor the bills, status and validity of the number of our family , If someone among us is running out of balance we  will get reminder and do the recharge from this app .  Also if some bills are associated with any of the numbers listed in the app we can pay those bills from just using the app.  

PCI DSS Secured
In this world internet and online monetary transaction we all want our money and financial information to be safe and secured . Airtel my App is integrated with industry standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) security ,which protect our financial data such as credit/debit card details, online banking credentials very secured , so that we can do our recharge without any worry and this is the feature that everyone would love to have must in their app.

This post has been written for Airtel .

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This world has became impure and it is hard to believe anything that is pure and it badly effect our health and skin . People are addicted to artificial cosmetic products to make the skin look good but  they don’t know that they are the victims of adulteration . Our body is made up with nature and I believe in naturals methods and uses of natural amenities to keep the skin healthy as it is pure for sure and doesn’t have any side effects .  Here I am going to write about some natural tips and remedies to keep the skin healthy and looks good .

Honey , Lemon and water
Before workout at every morning , take a glass of water squeeze a half lemon in it and add a spoon of honey , stir to mix all these properly and then drink it.  I don’t think that there is any better way to start a day in energetic way with this method .  The lemon with flush the toxic substances out of your body  and the honey will give energy and radiant skin. Lemon also helps to keep the skin glow by putting out all the bad things from our skin. This is must to have home remedies at every morning .

Drink more water and workout
You should maintain a regular exercise for more than 15 minutes  , the more you sweat during workout the less you will feel dullness on your skin. Exercise keeps the metabolism of blood circulation more active which results in attractive glowing skin as well as fit body. You should drink more water as water keeps your skin and body hydrate and prevent the skin from losing its glow .You should also maintain proper diet with lots of green vegetables ,  because as well all know that green vegetables contains multivitamins and minerals which are very essentials for our skin.

Home made face scrub
In a bowl mix two spoon of fullers’ earth powder and two spoon of sandalwood powder add few drop of rose water and mix them well to make a paste . Apply this on your face and neck leave it for 15 minutes unless you feel a dryness . First apply little warm water to make it wet and rub your face in circular motion slowly and at the end wash the face properly with cold water . This is a very good home made natural facial remedy which open the pores by removing all the dead skin patches and It will also bring glow in your face as well as it will remove the oily effect from your skin.

Take the steam
Boil a glass of water and put the water in a pot which has a small opening , now you can see the vapor coming out from there  , just close your eyes and bring your face near the vapor and let it touch your skin . If you don’t have pot you can buy electric vaporizer . The steam of the water  cleans and open up the pores of your skin which help is oxidation , soft , radiant and young looking skin.

This post has been written for VICCO Turmeric Cream .

God, God are you there

First I admit that I  don’t believe in any religions but I believe that there is something around us which may the God or may be some super power. But some incidents reminds me of God like the moment before entering examination hall , when I am in trouble then someone from inside me automatically spells this line “Oh God help me” . Well, I have a lots of doubt and questions for God and I will ask if I meet  him someday . Among them , here are my few questions that I will definitely ask him

are you the only one ?
Dear God! It is said that you are the only one , then why people believe  in you in many different way ? Some people assume you as Jesus , some people assume you lord Buddha , Allah and some people assume you the lord Vishnu ? Where there is so many discrimination among the people to follow you? It has divided the people in many religions as well as people hates each other belongs to different community ,the religion does not allow the people to do everything they want, it  has made the people weak and also compel us to do many unwanted things,  it has broken the unity among people.  Why there cannot be only one religion of humanity to follow and believe your path?

Why Innocent people die?
It says that even a leaf of tree doesn’t move without your will, then why lots of innocent people dies in natural disaster like earthquake , flood, cyclone and tsunami etc. ? People who believe you and worship your path day and night are the same people who lost their entire family in disasters . Recently one of my college friend from Nepal has lost his entire family in the earthquake, his parents used to work at temple and he was dependent on his brother. Is this how you treat your followers ?

Do you drink milk and oil?
I have seen this at almost every temples that people are offering milk to the idols of Gods, they wash the idols with milk as well as they pour the milk over the idol and the entire milk passes through drainage system and mix with the swage. I feel very bad that some people don’t have enough to provide daily milk for them and some people are wasting the most essential nutrition of life with your name .

One the first day of college I whispered to myself that “Hey ! when I will complete and move out of this place? “  because I had to spend the next few years in the college and everything were happening  was weird to me, as I was just passed out of school and got admitted in college and I was wondering that by what I have to pass through  .I remember the first day at college , it was very disturbing for me as it took me half n hour and roamed around the college campus to find our department of Computer Science . The seniors stood around me like a cage and seek my introductions, God!  I spoke told them about me more than I know about myself and I don’t know where did  it came from and on that very first day I learnt to give introduction , which I could not learnt in the last 12 years of school life.

Well, on the first day of college my parents went to escort me up to the college gate and they told me to be punctual, keep discipline , honest with everyone and be regular in class .But time is very fast , when I look back then the first semester seems like it was on the previous month and I have ended up the college within a month.  I knew that proxy was something we use to create VPN, but from the second year I got to know what is the real meaning of proxy and how to utilize it (LOL!)   

The toughest thing for me was to be present in the math’s class because it is the only subject which bounces over my head and I hate it very much but somehow I managed to face this burden up to fourth semester.  My most interesting classes for me was lecture classes of system architecture because of that teacher, she was so beautiful and I used to be present in her class just because to watch her beautiful place . (sorry it is not the right place to say all this secrets :D )

Here comes the illegal activities , well I had never done cheating in school life and even in the first year of college but from second years I was compelled to do that , I learned to hack the CCTV and put a fake clip in loop so that the HOD wont see what we are doing in exam , it was one of the offensive activity that I have ever done in my life. But one of the funniest thing I learnt in examination hall at school and college is , in school if I submit the paper before everyone does then everybody thinks that I know every answer but in college if I submit the paper first then everybody will assume that I doesn’t know anything!
For the entire semesters Google and Wikipedia used to be the only helping hand for project work where we just used to copy and paste until I have reached the final semester where I have to show the project is working for real. I was assigned for the final project of Student Management System and honestly I worked hard for three months on this project and finally the project did run and from that day I understood the pain of programmers and why we should avoid pirated software .

Well, I made a special group of three idiots but among them me and one of my friend ‘meghnath’ we very special because we have studied in the same school and we have studied in the same college too.  There will be no silly gossips about girls and making of girlfriends , no mass bunking and no gathering in college canteen . Many dream are broken apart , few are fulfilled and many dreams are to be archive . I cannot explain that what is so special about my college but I has shown me the real face of life and how to live it.

Good luck to all my batch mates!