We are living in the new era of technology where Internet is become the prime requirement. Download my favorite games, sending a quick important email, enjoying the live streaming music, delivering a business online conference, paying our bills etc , we all need internet connectivity to perform all of these important tasks .  Almost every one of us have gone through the days when we had to wait eight or nine  hours to download a single movie , wait half an hour to buffer and watch a video . We always dreamed of having a internet connection with higher downloading and browsing speed so that we can get out of these queue of waiting and unleash our wishes of doing things online quick and efficiently.

But the dreams are going to be reality , as Airtel has implemented 4g service which is the very fast internet service that gives the unbelievable downloading speed around 20 – 30Mbps . Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll 4G service  in India across 296 cities .  I am waiting for the day to receive the 4G LTE device so that I can unleash the power of Airtel 4G. With airtel 4g I can watch video just like click and play. No more waiting and buffering hence I can save my time.  I will make a collection of my favorite movies because now I will not have to wait a overnight to download a single movie , I can download it within a short period of time. I will do smooth video chat with my friends and family who are living apart and most important part of my work is penetration testing which need vey high speed internet and fortunately Airtel will fulfill my requirement of speed .

Airtel with a big move, Airtel has so confidence with it’s 4G service that it has claims that it is the fastest network yet and initiated an open challenge with the other company’s internet speed that if you find  internet with more faster speed than they are offering then Airtel will provide you lifetime mobile bill free .Indeed it is the fastest network I have ever seen and experienced . It cuts the overnight downloading time , personally I have tried it’s speed with HD 1024pixel video on YouTube. I didn’t had to wait to buffer the video I just clicked on play and the video started playing so smoothly just like playing a movie stored in a hard disk.

Are you thing that 4G tariff are going to be higher? Don’t worry about the price because Airtel has a fair 4G data plans, you have to same as you were paying before , it means you will have to pay same as you used to pay for the Airtel 3G plans, or in short get Airtel 4G in 3G prices .Getting a Airtel 4g sim is now very easy, you are just a tweet away to get your 4g sim. All you have to do is tweet with the hash tag #GetAirtel4G and get your Airtel 4g SIM delivered at your home for free.

This post is about Airtel 4G .. Please follow the link for more details   http://www.airtel.in/4g/