Today we focus more on earning and maintaining a standard life, hence life of the present generation has become too much busy but apparently we fail to make a balance between social and professional life. Believe me, every weekend when I meet up with my friends I feel more like competition rather than engaging in gossips. It’s the competition to express that who were busiest in the entire week, I only feel the gossips like “I slept in the office yesterday, I did not had time to take lunch, that brand didn’t appreciated our presentation” and blah.  I realized that we forgot to gossips like the old days about holidays, party, girls etc. I catch up with these buddies but still I feel the lack of joy of real togetherness.

I remember my childhood days when I used to go out to the playground with my childhood friends and spent out our golden by playing around the field, dancing and singing all around with joy. Soon I moved to city where my entire childhood was spent by playing video games and watching cartoon network on TV . I got a standard life, I got my childhood desire fulfilled but I did not feel the joy that I used to had at my village with nature. Just few years back when we used to go out for shopping at mall, brand outlets and we used to had some sort of joy, togetherness with friends, family and peace of mind after shopping but in present day we are engaged more in online shopping which doesn’t give that peace and satisfaction of mind but still we are engaged with it. Most of the people in this generation suffers with depression, hypertension etc because of the lack of togetherness, where they can share their feelings openly and face to face with others.

Togetherness is not hanging with friends and family on Facebook and Skype , its is not sharing the festival wishes on Whats-app and other online messenger  , togetherness is coming up and catching up together in real world where we can share our joy , sorrows and happy moments together. Togetherness is something that reunites our lost happy souls together.  Nature plays a great role to reunites us, remember the childhood when we use to build sand house at beach with friends, mom and dad. That bunch of joy at school when we used to plant trees together with our friends.

We know that we are so busy to make our life stable and standard by working overtime, overnight  but to make our life more stable and healthy It is very important to make a proper balance between our personal and professional life so that we can find some space from our daily busy schedule and spend some moments with the people you love and with the people who makes you laugh out loud. Believe me you will lead a happy life.

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