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Its about after two months I am logging into the blogging and its being tough for me to write day by day the practice is getting away from me. I was trapped in the middle of training, job and college. I went through a very busy and disturbing schedule in the last two months.  Meanwhile while I was away from my blog I had a though to quit the blogging but my heart could not take this decision . It’s the blogging and my blogs which has given me a lots of things which I was dreaming from years, I meet some prestigious people, I made some great blogger friends and great inspirational readers , so I want to get back in this platform and I will continue do and write whatever comes in my mind.

Well I have not said anything about my college and my new life and so this blog post is all about my new life and the amazing people whom I have in my life right now. Its been one year since my life was changed after I got admission in post-graduation. I am such type of person who doesn’t want to talk too much .When I was new to them I use to look at them strangely , I didn’t knew where they are from, but later as the days are going to end these people are being so close and important to me. We are having lots of fun in fact we are creating some good memories which we will rejoice in our entire life.  Its the final year and I am afraid that after in a couple of months this is all going to be end. No more gossips , fun, hangouts and no more silliness .

A couple of days ago I have been doing an internship with LAW & ENFORCEMENT firm on cyber forensics , my life was organized like I had to wake up daily at 6 am, board in the train by 8 AM and reach the office before 10 AM. For complete three months I had followed this routine and spent my entire day from 10 to 5 in office , it was all organized but at the end of day I missed a part of my life and that was the college and the friends .I was feeling like I am missing the fun and charm from my life. Apart from this I got some real experience under the belt about the difference between corporate and social life. Life is unpredictable and has lots of unwanted twists but before heading ahead in life all I want to spend my college life in with these people in such way so that I will remember these days in my entire life.

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end of first year

friendship is beauty

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Fortunately right now I am 24 so that means I already have lived 40% of my life. Luckily I am among those people who have access to food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter over my head. I am really happy with what I have, I have everything that a person needed to survive. Things went bad and sometime it was worse than I had thought , but I never blame anyone for anything. Its my deed that resulted what I am today. Our pasts reflect our present and our present reflects what will be our future.

There were situations in my life when I wanted to quit myself but did not had that courage to kill myself. I mourned “Please someone kill me”.  After so many tragic I realized that it is the journey of my life , its all depend upon me what I do how I do and that how life will response towards me. As  I said I have already live 40% of my life and I may die a natural death instead of killing myself .Life is too short to think but before I die I want change something in my life, I want to make the part of my remaining life better. I am at this stage of life where I have kicked away my own happiness from me.  I don’t have any regrets in my life though nothing is going perfect around me . I take all the imperfection as a lesson of weakness which I can take on the next chapter of my life to make a better tomorrow. Even in the worth stage of my life I will not blame that part either, I will not escape nor even tear it off my life, I will take those days as weakness in my struggling days and face those stage with full courage that I have.

But at the same time somewhere I think I could write my own life then there will be no imperfection, no pain, no regrets, and there will be only love , peace and happiness that what everyone dreams of.  Life  is full of twists and turns and we often don’t recognize what do we want what is our destination until we  reach there .All I want be my own guru and that I have within me, but still I look around to the world for approval, suggestions, permissions. This why I can’t find my ideal self and I don’t think nobody really knows how to live the life, and all we know the observation of our life and the life reflects how we observe it.

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Child growth and development refers to the physical, mental, emotional and social health for adequate growth and development. Some research has stated that first five years of children’s life is very important, this is the fundamental stage of children’s health where child’s feature health, growth and development are shaped. A healthy body resembles the child’s fitness which also states a child’s immunity to defend any disease in future. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body which express their happiness , boost up their learning tactics , and other extra circular activities.
It is often seen that children are left behind in the track of proper growth and development due to lack of balance diet and proper adequate nutrition.  We can often notice their growth when they are compared with other children and they are found either too thin bones, and underweight or too short in height. Sometimes a child looks fit from outside and become tough to understand that the child lacks behind proper  nutrition . But there are few signs with which you can identify them as given bellow

Delayed Speech: Delayed speech is related to deficiency of B12. Foods high in B12 are chicken, meat, fish, shellfish,  diary and eggs. But before giving supplements of B12 it is necessary to be tested for deficiency .

Obesity:  You would think that obesity is not related to malnutrition but in reality it is. When we eat foods that are not nutrients dense and our body are hungry, then it become starved for good nutrients that why we wont feel satisfied .

Frequent Cold and Flu : We usually get sick all the time but once we change our diets there is a change in our health. Kids who get sick usually after getting out and playing with different other kids it’s a sign of nutritional deficiency and low immune .

Dry skin/hair: It can be related with the deficiency of vitamins A,D,E, and K12.

This is the growth chart of children with which you can calculate the growth and development of your children. See here 

Horlicks Growth+ is a great food supplement from Horlicks. It is not a meal replacement but it is nourishment and can be taken as regular diet with milk or water. Horlicks Growth+ has been developed for children in the age group of 3 to 9 years. It can be given anytime during day but it will be much better if it Is given to your child between study and meals. As stated above Horlicks Growth+ is not the replacement of primary meals , it is an additional nutritional supplements packed with all essentials  vitamins , proteins, minerals , fibers, amino acids, growth nutrients and other ingredients which enhance the children’s growth and development naturally without causing them obese .

It is not only depends on what we feed our children, but their fitness also depends on cleanness, play up in open area and so on. We always can not keep our child in front of eyes while in preschool make them the habits of using hand sanitizer so that the germs in their hands will be killed. We also need to take proper care of what they wear , where they sleep,  what they use . Also let them play out in open rather than inside the walls . Playing in open is a better option for their physical fitness as well when they will meet different people and exchange words among them it will be beneficial for the child’s mental and emotional health.
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Its about two years ago when I used to stay in salboni and occasionally used to visit Kolkata for my training on ethical hacking. In those days there were only two direct trains to reach Howrah from Salboni and vice versa . I had to reach back to Howrah station within 5:30pm to board the last train back to Salboni. It was a very busy day and the streets of Kolkata were full because of some political campaigns(Which I hate very much). I was trapped inside bus for 3 hours due to heavy traffic jam and I reached the howrah station at 8:30 pm and the last local train up to Midnapore was already gone. Then there I had only  two options to get back home, first get on the train which is after four hours in midnight or spend the night at the platform and get the first train in the morning, but I had to get back home as soon as possible because I had internals examinations from the very next morning. So I had to wait upto 12:30 am and get into the midnight train.
I was extremely nervous because I heard of thieves and smugglers they use the midnight trains as I was carrying laptop and extremely confidential case report in my bag pack. 

Well finally I boarded into the train with my pumping heart and I sigh! In relief after seeing two old men and a girl of my age in the compartment. Unfortunately those two old men deboarded the train after few station. I was feeling creepy as I had to travel more about three hours and no one is in the compartment other than the girl. I thought to go and seat near the girl atleast I will have a company to feel myself confident for sometime.

I noticed her for some moments she is beautiful , peacefully reading something in a small piece of paper and she seems like she is not worried about anything . 
I went near her and asked her “May I seat here? “  and she replied to me pleasantly “Yes please “

then I introduced myself to her “Hey I am Kajal, are you going on the same route? Its freezing cold na?” .

She looked at me strangely and laughed “kajal? Ha ha Its like a girl’s name”  she giggled and also told me her name “Mira” (sorry I have changed her name for her privacy)

“Oh God, please don’t make fun of my name anymore, people have already done enough, well leave it, where are you going? I am upto Salboni” I said

“I am upto Bankura” she said

“Hey why are you travelling alone in this midnight , even this train is empty and looks so scary don’t you feel creepy? “ I asked her

She was silent for a moment and replied me rudely “so what’s the problem with you? I am a girl and I cannot travel alone at night?”

“No, sorry I don’t mean that” I apologized to her
After few moments of silence she said  “Sorry I am in bad mood”

“its ok, well I am a student and I was in Kolkata for training , what about you? “ I asked her

Again she went silent for a moment and replied me little emotionally, “you seems to be a decent guy if you will know what I am what I do then you may don’t want to talk with me anymore or you may want me to do what I do to live, please don’t ask”

I was suborned for a moment and was thinking that if the girl may have psychological problem or she may be passing through big problems, for a moment I thought to change my seat but my heart felt like to know more about her and I told her”  No its ok, I may be a stranger but you can trust me, tell me “

She said “ok, I hope you are capable to listen this, I am a sex worker and I am not a good girl as you may be thinking.”

I really felt sad for her and I cannot believe to my eyes that this damn pretty girl work like this well honestly I have never seen girls in such job in real life I have only heard of them. Again I asked her “ But why you do such things , there are lot of other jobs you can do around in this city? Or you can move to another town for some good respectful jobs“

“ It’s a long painful story , you may don’t want to listen” she said

“No, please tell me” I requested her

“ok, my family is so poor , I even remember when I have lost my father ,I have one brother , two little sisters and my mother used to work on other’s house as servant to support our livelihood , we use to live at our uncle place who was not a good person . I was 13 when some people may be they were my uncle’s friends who took me to the prostitution area in Kolkata, they told me that I will get jobs here  and I was not aware of anything  and then everything in my life was changed within a blow.” She said, I saw few drop of tears from her eyes.

Again she said “I love my mother, brother n littler sister and I am not allowed to meet with anyone but I somehow manage once or twice a month to just a glimpse of my mother, brother and sisters, They hates me  and don’t want to see my face but I love them a lot . I don’t meet with them I just go to house like a thief just to get their glimpse that they are fine and will return back to Kolkata by first train at 5 AM “

I was completely speechless and didn’t get any word to say her even I was feeling like to cry , I asked her “ did you had dinner?”
She said “No”

I had one packet of biscuit two cupcake and a chicken sandwich in my bag which I gave it to her , and she smiled, and said “ I have never had such things before, what does it called?”  I said “ its  chicken sandwich why don’t you escape from there and go somewhere else and find another good work?”

She said “Where Will I go?  Even I also dream of a normal life like to study, having a boyfriend then get married , visit different place , have some good friends and neighbor  , eat good food , but my life  is not normal anymore, who will love and marry a prostitute ? everyone just know to make use of us but no one can have love in their hearts for girl like me, even my family also hates me, but I will move out someday somewhere where I will start my new life may be alone but I will be happy rather  doing this work for poverty . I care a lot about my little sister and don’t want anyone to let them become like me because of this I save little money and drop inside the house from window hole but it doesn't matter to me if still they hates me, I want them to be safe”

She told me a lot of things about their life at their workplace , their livelihood which is not less than a hell. I wish I had more time to spend and talk with her but I had to leave the train. I didn't had any more words inside me to say her, I didn't know what to say, I did a hand shake and said her

“God bless you dear”.  Her story really made me cry and I could not sleep the whole night , I was just thinking about her life and her spirit to start a new life. I wish I could help her on anything but I not.  No girl want to do such work but poverty compels them to do so and also because of bad surrounding where they live, their greedy relatives .
Human trafficking is another great reason after poverty  in this country .we need to stop and help the girls like them to get out of their poor situation .  We need the support of government and NGO to help these girls to deserve their desired life and pride like every other girls do. After that night, many times I knowingly missed the last train to board the train of midnight just to meet and talk with her but I did not see her again in any of the compartment

It’s been a great week so far, I had lots of fun, created some memories,  I had some new experience that I was willing to have. Two days ago I was waiting at bus stoppage to get a bus to college but I heard that the buses are running late due to the constructions of flyovers. To kill the time I brought a cup of ice cream, as I was just about to take bite and suddenly someone from behind grabbed my legs and asked “Dada 2 taka daba, kichu khabo” means “brother will you please give me Rs 2, I will eat something”
I looked at it, it was a small kid (girl). What will you eat with Rs. 2? You will get nothing. She replied me sweetly “Its hard for any person to give money to buy a meal, so I will go to some more person and when I will able to collect around Rs 20 , I will buy muri (puffed rice)”.
I was feeling very pity for that little girl, I did had extra Rs.30 but unfortunately I brought the ice-cream with it. So I gave that ice-cream to her and she jumped with joy and she started to walk away without taking any bite of it.  I screamed at her “Hey eat it up or else it will melt”
She replied me from other side of the road “ I have a small brother and mother, I will share it with them”. I felt like Wow man! She is so cheerful, she do not have any rudeness, she is happy with what she have got, we really need to learn something from them.

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that girl in left

Well it was a great week, I had my birthday few days ago and for the first time in my  life I celebrated it all my family in a traditional way. Sorry I did not had any photos to share as it was a great surprise for me and did not get a moment to click some pictures.  My life is changed now and now it is so simple and challenging which I have always wanted. I has been so busy with projects and studies that I could not find time to write articles for my blogs. Sometime all I want to escape from all these things and sit at the edge of some quite place where there is only me so that I can know myself better.

Meanwhile last week I tried to click some random pictures which caught my eyes.

rain photography, rain on window
"Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday"

boat sailing
a blissful early morning

sunset photo
the poetry of earth is never dead

Who does not love car? Car has become a most important part of our daily life because we always cannot rely on public transports. I am fed-up with the buses, stuffed coaches of local trains seems like animals are being transported from one place to another and rules of metros where I cannot find any sigh of relief. I was rolling around my eyes by thinking of owning a car stopped over the grand poster of Dastun redi-GO . Dastun is the Japanese auto brand from Nissan who has recently represented the Dastun redi-GO which is really a beauty and especially for this modern generations. I am going to write some of its’ graceful features and I could not wait anymore to take a test drive.
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The touch of silver makes the exterior bold and smooth. It has high ground clearance of 185MM that will let to skip the encounters and obstacles on the way. It has daytime running lamps which let the people know that the redi-GO is coming and keeps everyone safe. Most importantly it has heightened stance which let us enjoy a wider view of the roads and surroundings. The iconic design of the headlamps differentiate the Dastun redi-GO from all others.

Do you know that Dastun redi-GO has the fuel economy of 25.17 KM/L.  Are you thinking how can it be possible in a car?  Yes the 799CC engine is powered by the intelligent spark automated technology which automatically adjust to the spark timing and response to the fuel and power requirement. It also has shift indicator which indicates the driver when to shift up and when to shift down which maximize the efficiency and performance.

The most important module of any car is the safety .Dastun redi-GO is all packed with Dastun Pro-Safe 7 which makes it safe, secure and reliable . It has the performance augmented brakes which makes the shortest braking distance. It has reinforced high strength crash protection shell which is tested under UN94 crash performance standard to absorb impact for the safety of passengers. The opti-view has the 36 degree lower and upper wider viewing angle which gives the good view of road and surroundings improves confidence and safety during driving. It also has energy absorbing steering and airbag which absorb impact force and protects the occupants. It also has superior suspension system supports with torsion beam with double pivot arms gives high stability, cornering and smooth performance even on bad roads .

The dashboard of Dastun redi-GO looks so modern and techie as the digital tachometer express the modern touch as well as the drive computer tells about the fuel economy and shift. The sporty fiber on the seats provides a classy look and feel so premium. Oh yes the Radio, CD,MP3, USB, Aux-in all in one audio system will rejoice the mood on the way. It has five manual speed control which let you control the power to unleash as per requirement for smooth riding. The superior air-conditioning system has large 89cc compressor with high cooling capacity has been optimized for Indian weather conditions that makes the car cool and make you feel fresh throughout the journey.
Well as I am new to driving and I would not mind to take a test drive at my hometown away from buzzing roads feel the power of Dastun redi-GO and ride in freedom.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Since my childhood my biggest dream was to visit almost every country in the world but the saddest truth is that I am 24 now but have not seen the places my own country properly . I agree that sometime its becomes difficult to visit our top favorite destinations because of many unfortunate reasons but one should not step back from travelling because it is one of the greatest way to relieve stress and make ourselves refreshed .

Since my cousins sister got a job at Andaman at some travel company she used to send me beautiful pictures of those islands , I was fascinated to visit those place and see if those place are really so beautiful .Let me tell you few lines about Andaman & Nicobar islands. It is the group of 572 islands among which  38 islands are inhabited . in 1858 the British government established the  first penal settlement with about 200 prisoners , most of them were rebels from Indian Army and that place is popularly known as “Kala Pani” or The “Cellular Jail” which is the most popular tourist place in Andaman and Nicobar islands . Andaman & Nicobar Islands is full of amazing natural beauty and wonderful marine life. It is surrounded by the beautiful blue water of the Bay of Bengal. All I want to take a short break from my daily busy schedule , pick up my camera pack my luggage and head towards this place .Yatra is a great place to plan your entire vacation. It's easy to book flights and hotels as it's a great one stop hub for travel. First, check for good flights on the Domestic Airlines page. In my previous tour to Orissa I traveled on Jet Airways which was very affordable and comfortable. That is why I would choose to book my return flight tickets on Jet Airways. Tip: Before you finalize your flight or hotel purchase make sure you check to see if there is a Yatra coupon you can use to save. They often have deals on Domestic Flights and Hotels every week. You can use those savings to take your family out to dinner or to get a nicer room.

Let me tell you about the places I want to visit in Andaman & Nicobar islands.

I have heard that it is the heaven for photographer and photography is one of my topmost hobby I would not mind to spend some hours in there with my camera. It is the great place to learn about historical importance . It was the headquarter of British colony in Andaman & Nicobar . Presently it houses the ruins of old buildings and the trees, roots and old ruined buildings together has made many different and beautiful shapes and that’s why it is called the heaven for photographers.
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Cellular Jail or Kala Pani

As I have already written few lines above about the Cellular Jail, It was established by British in 1858 as fist penal settlement as British was using Andaman & Nicobar islands as prisons. It was the prison house and dark past of many Indian activists mostly the rebels from Indian army as well as some well-known political activists.  Now after 2000 years it is one of the most popular tourists spot in Andaman & Nicobar islands  as well as many movies has some minutes of scene which was taken from here .

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Havelock Island
I have heard that Havelock Island is the most beautiful island among the group of islands .  It has silvery sand and aqua green water which makes the place more interesting and beautiful . I have heard that people doesn’t come much to this beach and I don’t know why, so what? I will pull out my favorite book with the view of the sea and cold breeze on my face .
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Will do Scuba Diving 
I always wanted to experience the under water world, I know they are so beautifull but I want to see with my own eyes and feel it deep down my soul.  There is peace , there is something special which can be experienced only in there 

Its been a long time , may be complete six months I am rarely active on online activities and its been a long gap since I have written my last blog post. Pardon me for my poor combinations of words and English because I was away from the habits of writing for long time.

As I thought again about going back to writing and I would love to be doing. Actually I was going through tough days as finally I have shifted to my native town where I am completely unknown to the place and things were not stable. No stable internet connection, no proper system to work on, no known faces to talk, no friends, I wanted to make new friends here but no people of my age group. I have stayed at different part of my country, survived within different traditions and cultures but honestly from last six month I am feeling myself like I am on an alien damn! Planet. Can you imagine a day without internet and computer for a hacker and tech geek like me? But its been a half of the year. The old days and those place where I used to stay were much good enough but sigh! I cannot go back into them, I wish if I had a reverse option in my life then I would have click on it and restart my life in a new way .But still yet I am preparing myself to adjust with this new place.
Dad is going to retire this year and sometimes I feel bad that I am 24 years old and still unemployed. I want to do something different other than jobs and working hard on it, but sometimes some worse situations tends me to think that dreams or responsibilities? Many things has changed with the flow of time, people, our thoughts, our lifestyles and so on , as I am having a new life which is bit different from the previous one, but it is good . And yes I have got admission and perusing Msc(Information Science) at Techno India Hooghly . Sometime now I do follow some routine to maintain my hectic schedule. Now every morning I wake up early and goes out for a long walk to enjoy the freshness of village and that is how I begin a new day every day and that is the only interesting thing I love in my whole day.  Another activity that I love here is to roam around this place with my camera in pocket to capture anything that catches my eyes .

So with a new hope I am going back to writing, blogging. I was apart from the habit of writing but I promise that I will try to improve it day by day. Support me with your comments. 

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Countless journey together

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tiny boat on an infinity ocean