Its been a long time , may be complete six months I am rarely active on online activities and its been a long gap since I have written my last blog post. Pardon me for my poor combinations of words and English because I was away from the habits of writing for long time.

As I thought again about going back to writing and I would love to be doing. Actually I was going through tough days as finally I have shifted to my native town where I am completely unknown to the place and things were not stable. No stable internet connection, no proper system to work on, no known faces to talk, no friends, I wanted to make new friends here but no people of my age group. I have stayed at different part of my country, survived within different traditions and cultures but honestly from last six month I am feeling myself like I am on an alien damn! Planet. Can you imagine a day without internet and computer for a hacker and tech geek like me? But its been a half of the year. The old days and those place where I used to stay were much good enough but sigh! I cannot go back into them, I wish if I had a reverse option in my life then I would have click on it and restart my life in a new way .But still yet I am preparing myself to adjust with this new place.
Dad is going to retire this year and sometimes I feel bad that I am 24 years old and still unemployed. I want to do something different other than jobs and working hard on it, but sometimes some worse situations tends me to think that dreams or responsibilities? Many things has changed with the flow of time, people, our thoughts, our lifestyles and so on , as I am having a new life which is bit different from the previous one, but it is good . And yes I have got admission and perusing Msc(Information Science) at Techno India Hooghly . Sometime now I do follow some routine to maintain my hectic schedule. Now every morning I wake up early and goes out for a long walk to enjoy the freshness of village and that is how I begin a new day every day and that is the only interesting thing I love in my whole day.  Another activity that I love here is to roam around this place with my camera in pocket to capture anything that catches my eyes .

So with a new hope I am going back to writing, blogging. I was apart from the habit of writing but I promise that I will try to improve it day by day. Support me with your comments. 

willing to do and dare, boat photos

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Countless journey together

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tiny boat on an infinity ocean