Since my childhood my biggest dream was to visit almost every country in the world but the saddest truth is that I am 24 now but have not seen the places my own country properly . I agree that sometime its becomes difficult to visit our top favorite destinations because of many unfortunate reasons but one should not step back from travelling because it is one of the greatest way to relieve stress and make ourselves refreshed .

Since my cousins sister got a job at Andaman at some travel company she used to send me beautiful pictures of those islands , I was fascinated to visit those place and see if those place are really so beautiful .Let me tell you few lines about Andaman & Nicobar islands. It is the group of 572 islands among which  38 islands are inhabited . in 1858 the British government established the  first penal settlement with about 200 prisoners , most of them were rebels from Indian Army and that place is popularly known as “Kala Pani” or The “Cellular Jail” which is the most popular tourist place in Andaman and Nicobar islands . Andaman & Nicobar Islands is full of amazing natural beauty and wonderful marine life. It is surrounded by the beautiful blue water of the Bay of Bengal. All I want to take a short break from my daily busy schedule , pick up my camera pack my luggage and head towards this place .Yatra is a great place to plan your entire vacation. It's easy to book flights and hotels as it's a great one stop hub for travel. First, check for good flights on the Domestic Airlines page. In my previous tour to Orissa I traveled on Jet Airways which was very affordable and comfortable. That is why I would choose to book my return flight tickets on Jet Airways. Tip: Before you finalize your flight or hotel purchase make sure you check to see if there is a Yatra coupon you can use to save. They often have deals on Domestic Flights and Hotels every week. You can use those savings to take your family out to dinner or to get a nicer room.

Let me tell you about the places I want to visit in Andaman & Nicobar islands.

I have heard that it is the heaven for photographer and photography is one of my topmost hobby I would not mind to spend some hours in there with my camera. It is the great place to learn about historical importance . It was the headquarter of British colony in Andaman & Nicobar . Presently it houses the ruins of old buildings and the trees, roots and old ruined buildings together has made many different and beautiful shapes and that’s why it is called the heaven for photographers.
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Cellular Jail or Kala Pani

As I have already written few lines above about the Cellular Jail, It was established by British in 1858 as fist penal settlement as British was using Andaman & Nicobar islands as prisons. It was the prison house and dark past of many Indian activists mostly the rebels from Indian army as well as some well-known political activists.  Now after 2000 years it is one of the most popular tourists spot in Andaman & Nicobar islands  as well as many movies has some minutes of scene which was taken from here .

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Havelock Island
I have heard that Havelock Island is the most beautiful island among the group of islands .  It has silvery sand and aqua green water which makes the place more interesting and beautiful . I have heard that people doesn’t come much to this beach and I don’t know why, so what? I will pull out my favorite book with the view of the sea and cold breeze on my face .
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Will do Scuba Diving 
I always wanted to experience the under water world, I know they are so beautifull but I want to see with my own eyes and feel it deep down my soul.  There is peace , there is something special which can be experienced only in there