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Fortunately right now I am 24 so that means I already have lived 40% of my life. Luckily I am among those people who have access to food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter over my head. I am really happy with what I have, I have everything that a person needed to survive. Things went bad and sometime it was worse than I had thought , but I never blame anyone for anything. Its my deed that resulted what I am today. Our pasts reflect our present and our present reflects what will be our future.

There were situations in my life when I wanted to quit myself but did not had that courage to kill myself. I mourned “Please someone kill me”.  After so many tragic I realized that it is the journey of my life , its all depend upon me what I do how I do and that how life will response towards me. As  I said I have already live 40% of my life and I may die a natural death instead of killing myself .Life is too short to think but before I die I want change something in my life, I want to make the part of my remaining life better. I am at this stage of life where I have kicked away my own happiness from me.  I don’t have any regrets in my life though nothing is going perfect around me . I take all the imperfection as a lesson of weakness which I can take on the next chapter of my life to make a better tomorrow. Even in the worth stage of my life I will not blame that part either, I will not escape nor even tear it off my life, I will take those days as weakness in my struggling days and face those stage with full courage that I have.

But at the same time somewhere I think I could write my own life then there will be no imperfection, no pain, no regrets, and there will be only love , peace and happiness that what everyone dreams of.  Life  is full of twists and turns and we often don’t recognize what do we want what is our destination until we  reach there .All I want be my own guru and that I have within me, but still I look around to the world for approval, suggestions, permissions. This why I can’t find my ideal self and I don’t think nobody really knows how to live the life, and all we know the observation of our life and the life reflects how we observe it.

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