Sorry, I have not written for a while, as I was very busy to regulate myself with the changing phase of my life. I was so busy that I was not so active on the social media and maybe I was slightly depressed because every day there is something different which seems to be new for me, somewhere it is challenging and disheartening too.  Even I have received many questions from my friends and subscribers that did I stop writing?

No, I did not, I often write my diary when I don’t have anyone to share, I have begun this blog since I was in class 10 and it is my one of the favorite hobby.  Over the past few months since I left college and got a job and I rarely found time for myself and this blog.

After completion of college I have got the first job in Kolkata, thank you, God, Kolkata is not that far from my hometown that’s why I did not need to move in that city. I was completely unknown to this city and I was little worried because I was not so aware of their systems. Believe me, I was born in West Bengal but I don’t know much about my state but I honestly know much more about other states where I had stayed because of dad’s transferable job in Defense.  But thanks to my colleagues they have made this city more than known to me.If I call them my colleagues I would disrespect them, indeed they are the part of my new world and much more to go ahead with them. 

the world of my happiness