My Year in Review 2018

The Real Me

As the year comes to an end and it seems the year have passed by in the blink of an eye, I don’t know why when I had some important thing to do in my life but time passes away terribly fast that I wish I could have hold the time tighter in my hand but the tighter I hold the faster it ran out of my hand and I realized that time is just like a handful of sand, the more you try to hold it tighter, the faster it runs out between your fingers.
Today is the last day of this year and It is a great time to take few moments to look back about everything  that happened in 2018 and what I intend to do in next year.

For me is was an amazing, hectic, crazy hell of a year. For my personal life it was a year filled with joys, family gatherings, festivals and lots of love. I learned to take responsibility towards myself and my family. Well, my professional life was full crazy. Everyday it was seems like more challenging. As I am  working with law and enforcement agency everyday became more challenging because there are some crimes which has taken place on our cyber space beyond our imagination and has put a adverse effect around our society. What I learned from my professional life is that Do your today’s work on today and don’t leave it for tomorrow because tomorrow there can be a hell of work, love what you do because if you love your work then you will not take your work as burden. Also never take your as work as home assignment because far away from the chaos of work you have a life to live , spend some time with yourself and your family as a proper work-life balance is much needed.

In 2018 I have seriously committed myself with my job, I commited my time and energy into it, but the feedback was not upto my expectation. I was slightly upset with my department but I managed to co-up myself because I know there are ups and downs in life and I have to take only the positive vibes from those changes.

The best thing happened to me in 2018 when I got married to Sipra, the one who is my best friend from childhood and we were in relationship from last eight years and finally we got married. There were family gatherings, bond between our two family became more stronger.  I don’t have words to express the feelings after marrying her, I felt more stronger, I felt like I have a stronger support in my life than before, I have got a friend for life, and at the end It made me realize that now I have to be more responsible to myself and my family because now I am not alone to be cared about, I have a family.

In the end here are few brief points that life taught me in this year :

Learn to be organized:
A carefully labeled and group of books are far better than 1000 untitled books. Try to be organized whether in personal life or in professional life, whether it is emails, letters, work desk, your kitchen etc , trust me it has a great positivity in life.

Take only the positivity in your life:
Life is not always easy, there are ups and downs in everyone's’ life, there are positive vibes and negative vibes around us, believe me there are much more negativity around us than positivity, but we only need to intake the positive vibes from them. Stay away from people who demotivate you. Suppose If you have 10 chances and you failed on your 9th go then don’t think that you have failed for nine times but think that you have one more chance to go.

Believe good things are on the way :
If you failed to achieve something then don’t get disheartened always this is may be not the right thing and right time for you.There are something good for you in the bucket which are one the way.

Be responsible to yourself and your family:
Responsibilities towards yourself is the prime need as both in your career and yourself, you should improve yourself everyday, your every mistakes should be a lesson to be more responsible because so many people rely on you, your parents, your wife/husband/ friends and society. Be strong because there are so many unexpected responsibilities and duty towards your family will have to carry upon by you. At the end of the day when you return home your family will look up on you with eyes which are filled with lots of wishes , sorrows , joys and expectations. Be ready for that.
The happiest part of Me right now
a friend in need is a friend indeed

Monsoon of 2018
At a Memorious event with office Buddies
At a meetup with college buddies after a gap of one year

At the end, I am very thankful to my mom & dad for giving me the best in life and showing this beautiful world. I feel myself the happiest person alive in this planet because I have everything that I need to survive, I have my wife the girl I loved from a long ago, I have my parents , I have a decent job , I learned to be happy with what I have and yes I do have dreams and I work hard for that but never get disheartened for broken dreams. I don’t find problems in solution but I find solutions in problems and you can always see a smile on my face that is real me.

Lets hope the new year 2019 may bring more joys , health and lots of expectations, positive vibes and new resolutions.  Wish you all a Happy New Year.


  1. They say good things lasts forever, wish the same to that gorgeous and humble smile. Wish to meet you soon brother. The blogpost was bit long, that was too due to my lack of patience! There's a lot to learn from you. Hope a great year ahead. All love dada ❤️


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