Are we what we pretend to be

Putting a mask or pretending to be someone/something is not a seldom case but this might be a serious problem for all of us to wear a mask before our actual face. Oh sorry! I cannot spell this as a problem but it has become a virtual part of our real life isn’t it?  This is just like the lies, if you live on lies then to hide one lies you have to throw up more lies and you will feel you are entirely going away from the truth. 

Do you know why do we actually pretend? It is believe or not but because to fit ourselves with the social norms. We adapt this practice in fear of social insecurities, we fear that we will not balance with the norms of social that how people want you to see among the other people. Yes, there are various sub-reasons that why do we pretend , if it is in a relationship then we fake for someone’s happiness or to meet their expectation , if it's a business then it is simply for business gain, if it's for personal benefits then it's completely unethical and blah! . of course pretending is very necessary when it comes for decision making for something big but does it really need in our daily life activities ? Cannot we lead a happy and peaceful life without faking ourselves?

What happens when you stop pretending?

  • People will expect from you only what is real in you not much nor less than that. 
  • You will be dealing with the real life incidents and you will be habitual to tackle them.
  • More self confidence.
  • You are more mature than before
  • You will be out of the fantasy world that might be a sad part for some time.
  • No more faking smile and most important fact is YOU WILL START BEING TRUE.

The more you try to pretend to be okay the more you will feel you are going away from reality of life and living in fake world. Believe me if something is making you down then try to observe it with the real in you and for sure you will find a solution for that. Things come to your life as an opportunity or as a lesson and if you learn how to handle this situation then it will never come back to your life as a lesson. Never let any situation or person turn you into a fake person , as by pretending you will detour the situation only for that moment but you will not like it at all later part of your life.