Mistakes, Mistakes quotes

On last evening while I was going back to home from office on the daily scheduled train , I met an old friend from college days, we are from the same town. I did not recognise him at first until he approached me first, as he has changed his appearance like full beard and extra long hairs. I asked him what happened to him as he looks extremely odd and upset, but he did not reply . After getting off the train we had a cup of coffee together and discussed a few things back from the college days and at the end he asked me a damn question that I could not reply to him at that moment "can all mistakes be corrected?" 

I was so dumbstruck for that moment , I did not ask him why he is asking such question or what happened as I could see him crying from inside and understood that there is something really bad going along with him. I could not give him any reply at that moment, so I thought to write  a post about it.

Well, it depends on the potentials of the mistakes but more than that the more important thing is the cost of the mistakes. If you have broken someone's heart it may be because of misunderstandings, shoddy deeds or else you can win over their heart with love , mutual understanding, sacrifice and respect etc. If you have failed in your semester you can retake your exams after six months or one year it means it will cost you a year. If you have failed to achieve your dreams you have to work hard severely on that particular domain it you cost you time.

If you have killed someone in life you can correct your deed by spending 7 years or 10 years in jail means it will cost you some years if you have killed someone but that actually doesn't rectify your did as you won't bring back a precious life.  There are mistakes like breaking a heart, career, education , social behaviour, family relationships etc which can be rectified but it will take lots of moments but there are few mistakes like taking someone's life , missing a once in a lifetime chance , etc which can not be rectify. 
Well,  nothing is perfect in this world, you would not get things as per your expectations. Time changes along with changes in people you love,  people you trust , their behavior, what you wanted to be and what you are now. Do you know what are the most important things we need to have and need to do in our life? expect less from people whether it's your closest person or someone else because one you start to expect from someone it increases with day by day and no one can fulfil it as per you have expected and you are disappointed,  the more you expect the more you feel disheartened and finally it leads to misunderstandings and hatred moments. 

Well all I know that we humans keep doing mistakes and we need to learn from our mistakes that our future should not lay down beneath the heap of our mistakes. Our life is a race and we have to stay alive in this race for ourselves not for others. Everyday there we have a new challenge It matters to keep challenging ourselves each and everyday so that at the end we would have enough strength to push ourselves again and again. 


At the end ‘Time heals everything’ .