Rain me and she

Dace in rain, rain feels like, feel the rain

Now a days my day begin with a gentle good morning from her, then 16 KM of bike ride to board the train to Howrah and at the end of the day its vice versa. The last two weeks was very frustrated, it was filled with new patterns of crime complaints and sacked with heaps of works and research with a completely unknown  field . I really wanted to experience something new that I have never experienced that. So at early morning on yesterday it was raining slowly with cold breeze and asked Sipra "I am very stressed, let's do something exciting"

She replied "let's go for a ride in the rain, it's been a month we haven't went for a long drive "

"We can catch cold and the road is slippery it's risky" I said

She said " it's ok to take nominal risk someday when it's a subject of enjoyable moments, drive slowly with all the riding gears then all will be fine "

Just a cup of tea and Without wasting much time we began our ride.  Believe me it was an extraordinary feelings for me . Empty roads which was away from the chaos of the city, only me and she accompanied by rain and drizzling weather. No hurdles, no fake smiles we both were so free and had nothing to care about other than just two of us . The water droplets and the misty sensations feels like the heaven has been singing the song of life with melodious symphony. The rain make us want back the most carefree, innocence time and sweetest memories of our life . At that moment the inner part of real me " was struggling to come out which has never spoken that much ever before. I am the happiest person on the earth alive with all the who have everything in life . Its drizzling again like before that keep us unbreakable bonded and we are laughing free with harmony.  I assuredly found her the real she which is more pure, cheerful , joyous and more beautiful from inside. More than myself it was like something inside her was carvingly waiting to deliberately out of her to portray her inner beauty. "  
its rainning, toto in rain

rainning, its rainning

We stop at the roadside tea stall to have a cup of coffee with hot chocolates to maintain our body temperature as we were wet . But there was also another wonder that was wondering in me, its raining and the cars trucks and other vehicles were so much in rush in the quarter of town , I got a glimpse through my fogged rear view mirror that a girl was trying to cross her old mother supported by walking stick and her face was  having a sign of hope, what an encouraging sight. 

tea, roadside tea stall,

We went around 50KM straight on local roads and highway, by the time we came back it was stopped raining and the environment were looking greeny , clear and calm. We both spent the day very well in an extraordinary and risky way but its ok to have some fun with risk if it is really worth full. It relieved me from extreme stress and found myself in a new way.

bike and cloud


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