Thoughts of Monsoon - photo blog

water droplets and sky, water droplets,
Once it rain the cool breeze make us refreshed and if it is a clear sky just after rain we can feel the beauty and calmness of the nature. The water droplets hanging from a iron rod and amount  of white sunlight passing through it enhances it's beauty.

cloudy sky, cloudy skyline
Dense cloud when kissed by the light from above seems like heavenly flowers. We can also feel the intensity of the nature . Know what? there is something between the dense clouds, the one of forgetting what was and the uncertainty that we don't know.

rain with umbrella, people with umbrella in rain, beautiful rain
Shield of umbrella , breath the earthy mists, the wetly freshness of earth , blissful of romantic thoughts . Seems like its his day and rests are loosing much stuff in life.

streets of kolkata, streets of kolkata during rain, lalbazaar street

I am rain , I am wet, cold, romantic for someone and troublesome for some, I am gloomy and windy. Umbrella and jackets are best shields to defend me, put your bare feet, close your eyes and feel my drops on your face and the breath in the earthy mists , that's how you enjoy with me


  1. Just Wonderful,
    Kono katha hobe boss.

  2. The beauty of nature beautifully portrayed through your lense.
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  3. Soothing post. Happy monsoon kajal da😌


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