Weekend at Digha

me , she and the sea

It was last weekend and there should be a gateway not to far but good enough for relaxing. We spend our last weekend on a very delight way because we were far away from burdens of work and household chores . But I am not complaining about it as I love my life and I love my job. Well so finally it was  an unplanned weekend to Digha , luckily we got tickets in the overnight and it was a comfortable journey from Howrah to Digha by train of about 3 hours. I did not book meal online while I was reserving tickets as I have seen before on different train that the meal was not that good and hygienic but in that train I saw the food was really hygienic and I ordered meal for both of us it was really yummy , consists of fried rice , chilly chicken , pickle and curd. The food was less spicy and oily and hats off to irctc for this great improvement
We reached Digha by 3 PM and because of unplanned trip we did not booked any hotel before we have to book hotel on the spot , so we went to old Digha as It is generally less crowded than new Digha. On the first stop at Hotel Sea hawk we luckily got a sea facing room and all the other rooms were pre-booked by the guests. The hotel is big enough with a great reputation among the guests , and I am really impressed by the professional behavior of the staffs. All the upper floor rooms were already booked so we were allocated on ground floor . The room was very beautiful , well maintained and the bathroom was clean and hygienic. As I entered the room I went to the balcony that was the best part of the room and the view was really wonderful.
Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography

Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography, girl walking on sea

Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography, sea corals

 We took a sort of nap when we woke up it was a beautiful sun kissed evening.   So we thought to take a walk on the beach barefooted. One of the decent part of the hotel is it has a gate at the back and we have to pass through a beautiful garden and temple to reach the gate and it lead to the beach of old Digha. The beach was really quiet and less crowded. Only few people we busy with fishing and two or four couples were there at that time, wow really we spent some quality of time by holding our together along the sea shore . We stand at the edge of the land and from where the waterways of sea begins. We walked along the sea shore about two kilometers until it became dark , but we did not went much ahead because first it's an unknown place for us and second we had to go back the equal distance we have came up. By the time we came back near the hotel we saw all the chairs and wall were full of people . Old Digha is a place where you might find few people during the day time and by the evening it becomes prime attraction for the tourists. Because during day most of the people goes to New Digha beach,Udaypur or many other beaches nearby because these places are suitable to have fun with water but there is no proper place to seat and enjoy the sea breeze at the evening. In such case Old Digha is well decorated where people can seat and enjoy their evening . 
Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography, digha rock

Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography, sea rock

Well in evening at Old Digha you might find people selling fresh fishes and crabs on rickshaw you can choose any fish or crabs they will make you fish fry , fish pakoda and other dishes on the spot . We tasted big prawn and crab ,it was really delicious and the price was affordable too. By the time it was 8:30 PM and we were so tired and went back to hotel and decided to complete the next part on the next day . We were so tired that we could not go to the restaurant which was situated the ground floor so we ordered the food at our room . It was plain rice and fish kaliya but believe me the quality of the food was so good as I did not expected that much from hotel's in-house restaurant.
Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography, hotel sea hawk
a view from hotel
Next day we planned to visit Digha science city , Amarabati park and Udaypur beach . First we went to the park the entry fees was just Rs.5 only per head .  The park was well decorated with greenery and flowers. But the main attraction was the ropeway as it gives the view of entire park from the top hanging in the air . It was my first experience on ropeway and it was great , the tickets was of rupees 60 per head. Well the park is well decorated with different breed of colorful  flowers , rabbits and different birds like kingfishers, white pigeon etc, just like a mini zoo . If you are with family and want to kill some time there then this is the place with ropeway , boat ride , well decorated gardens, a small bridge over the lake etc , children will love it the most . 

Digha, Digha tour photo, Digha sea photo, digha photography, digha science center
Digha science city

lost in our thoughts

Market at Old Digha

Then we headed towards the Digha science city a mini science city where many scientific phenomenons has been beautifully portrayed .  This place is specially created for children, mass visit from schools are often seen here. Models of 3D images, epic center of tornado, bio science etc are well described here. I heard that they have separate theater for 3D shows but we were in hurry so we could not explore that part of the science city. 

Then we headed towards Udaypur beach its about one and half kilometers from science city, we took a motor van it costs us Rupees 30 per head. It is situated at the West Bengal-Orissa border the entrance of the beach falls in Orissa where as the left part of the beach falls in West Bengal. The main attraction of this beach is bike ride and water sports. We took a bike it was at an affordable rate. What can be better than an exciting bike ride along the beach, it was an awful experience for me. But we humans have really made this world a worse place to live in, the entire beach is pathetically littered with alcohol bottles and plastic plates, people seated around are literally heavily drunk and one will feel unsafe. In my opinion Udaypur beach is not safe if you are with family, else the experience was great . Next day we packed our luggage and headed back to home. It was an amazing weekend for us , far from chaos , burden of work, crimes and sort of tensions.

beach near old Digha


  1. Thank you Kajal. Actually I was planning to make a short trip to Digha. It's really helped.😄

  2. Digha was the first time I had ever seen the sea, those memories of childhood are so precious :)

    1. Yes Childhood memories are always so special and precious. Thank you so much for dropping by.


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