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I have left Hooghly my hometown, along with my mom and dad at the age of 8 years probably I don't remember. Five years ago I came back again after 18 years settled here and started my livelihood. It's been a great experience around the nation, I have lived a great life of about 18 years because of my dad's transferable jobs and the interests towards travels grown inside me with that . After I came back here I started peeping around my city and found lots of historical places, temples , mixed with modern and ancient traditions. I have created a list in which I have already visited those places which is nearby my resident and also those places which I have plans to visit very soon by the coming winter. 

 Basilica of Holy Rosary (Bandel Church)

Basilica of Holy Rosary, bandel church
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 If you are planning a short weekend trip around Hooghly then Basilica of Holy Rosary commonly known as the Bandel Church. Its a great spot with immense history . It was first established on 1599 by the Portuguese but it was burnt by some moors of Emperor Shaha Jahan in 1632 and destroyed Portuguese settlements. After sometime things has been settled down and father Joah De Cruz was successful to impress emperor Shah Jahan and he donated about 100 hectors of land to local Christians and the church was re-elected in 1660.There is much more to explore inside. Me and my wife we often visit this place specially on weekends. To visit here you will get Howrah Bandel Local train after every 30 minutes from Howrah . From Bandel station there are AutoRikshaw available and you can also book a cab. 


Imambara, Hooghly Imambara

 It is also near to the Bandel Church and situated in Hooghly at the beautiful bank of Ganga river. To reach here you have to board the Howrah Bandel local from howrah and de-board the train at Hooghly station. From there totos and AutoRikshaw are directly available. Let's get through the descriptions of Hooghly Imambara. Imambara means the residence of the Imams, but it is a congregation hall for commemoration ceremonies of Shia denomination and associated with recognition of Muharram. The construction of the building was started by Muhammad Mohsin in 1841 and completed in 1861 by Hazi Muhammad Mohsin and it took almost 20 years to build. It was designed by Keramtulla Khan , the main courtyard is surrounded by two storey building and there is a fountain and pool in middle of the courtyard which attracts the beauty. But the main attraction of Imambara is the two high towers of about 85 feet and consists 152 stairs in both which gives a magnificent view of Hooghly river , railway bridge the connect hooghly and Naihati . At the back of it there is a sun dial which shows the time with the changing position of shadow but I did not able to understand its concept. But despite of being a nation heritage moment it lacks of care, the ancient lantern glasses are broken , fountain is not working and the water is full of green algae. You may go there and discover the history on its every wall and enjoy some moments at the bank of river ganga. 

 Hangseswari Mandir 

Hooghly, Hangseswari Mandir,

The construction of the temple was started by Raja Nirsinghadeb but after his death It was completed in 1814 by his wife of Rani Shankari, the temple is dedicated to goddess Hangseswari and manifesto of Goddess Kali. The design of the temple is truly extraordinary and it is the prime attraction. Each of the tower of the temple has a lotus flower on it which enhance the beauty. Raja NirshinghaDeb was followers of Tantrik rituals and the idol of Goddess Hangseswari was made according to it, presiding four armed made up with blue neem wood. They don't allow to take pictures of the idol but I have managed to take a picture. The temple has both the deities of Shiva and Shakti so the temple is named as Hangseswari Temple. 

 Radha Krishna Temple (Birla Mandir) Kuntighat

 Its a very beautiful Radha Krishna Mandir situated at the bank of Holy Ganga at Kuntighat . It is very well maintained and have very good greenery and scenic beauty. This place is so quiet and peaceful. I have visited this place only once and it was very relaxing. If you want to spend sometime with yourself or mediate then there is no better place than this in Hooghly. You may take a Howrah-Katwa local train from Howrah and deboard at Kuntighat station. From station there are many autorikshaw and totos which will take you to the temple. 

 Triveni Ghat Hooghly. 
This is one of the oldest Holy Hindu cremation ground in West Bengal on the bank of holy Ganga. The word “Triveni” portray the meeting point of three river that is the Ganga, Saraswati river and Kunti River. This place retains its holiness for centuries even after captured by Mughal Dynasty and British. There are many Nissen Huts built during World War 2 and many other historical touches . Triveni is a very vast area even I have not explored in much, there are stories behind every streets. just take an Howrah-Katwa local train from Howrah and deboard at Triveni station and from station you may go onfoot which will take around 10 minutes of walk or there are also totos . 


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