When Life Knocks You Down

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Life is unpredictable circle and it goes on which consists good and worse time, happiness, grief and some sort of disappointments. When we goes through disappointments and tough time then many question arises in our mind even we starts questioning ourselves. I was going through the same question and thought to pen down my view on How to deal with it.

When life knocks us down the easiest things we do is blame ourselves, someone or the situation we are in, by blaming each other or the situation we may get provisional mental satisfaction, but that is we are not dealing with we just moving it away with some excuses.

Nothing is permanent

I always believe that nothing last forever, “it may mean so and so deep”. Everything in our life is temporary, our life, emotions, pain, wealth, relation, health etc.  If our life is not permanent then how in earth the things attached with our life will be always with us? Like the darkest night has the brightest day, similarly pain ends and pleasure returns and so on. We should not get attached to something the make us down, we need to flow with it.

Expect Less from Others

I don’t know I am putting down it wrong or right but I strongly believe that most of the biggest disappointments in our lives are because of misplaced expectation. In tough time we often expect from others for their support and it is not right to say that don’t expect anything but expect only which is out of your reach and only from those who are ready to fulfill it because there are many in the world who will give you expectation but there are much more ready to break them. More than that expectation reveals our weakness and makes us weak and it hurt us at the end.

Spend time with yourself

Play your favorite music, cook the dish you like or go out on a long solo walk , I mean do whatever you loves and release your stress, it will help you to find yourself , what is your problem, what do you want to achieve ?

Sorting out the problem

Every problem in life is unique and it has different solution, if you are going through circumstances of the family which may be main reason behind miscommunication, avoiding, arguing, disagreements etc. Communicate with your family, this is the best option to sort out all the family problems, family is the best team you will ever have.  If something else that knocking you down then set them the priorities and start working on them.

Turn the negative talks into encouragements

People talk when you are born and they will also talk when you will die so its not any new, they need your faults for their gossips, oh yes did I say faults? Yes think they are not talking about you , but they are helping to find your faults, use them to understand and strengthen your weakness.

Rebuild Yourself

Think it differently, you win of lose you will still breath the same way that you should and that doesn’t make any difference. Look around yourself the people who has more circumstances you will realize your problem is nothing in comparison of them, learn from your mistakes because at what stage you are now is because past deeds. Walk step by step according to your priorities because your present will write your tomorrow and take every day as a new beginning.

Remember everyone in this world has their own problem, life will never stop mocking you down and without problem life is nothing because where there is a problem there is hope and when there is a hope, there is a meaning of life. 


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