This year has not turned out as I had expected but it was accompanied by unexpected incidents and epidemic of novel corona virus and as per the current scenario it feels like we are not getting away of this very soon. It has been more than five months the world have isolated and minimized the mobilization to safeguard ourselves, our family and nation and to break the chain of contamination.

Life is very different now which consists a continue duty roster of 24hrs to 48hrs and back to home by maintaining all the safety precaution measure. Somewhere the inner part of me always urges to roam out as its been an eternity I have not seen the free world where we all used to roam around the world with freedom and peace of mind.

I feel lucky because I stay with entire family and all of my relatives are within a radius of ten kilometres, by the grace of God they all are fine and healthy. After the end of this epidemic me and Dolon have planned for a road trip to an unknown destination. As its been long we have not seen out the things we used to visit regularly, an unplanned destination somewhere very quiet, a glimpse of nature’s scenic view and somewhere to breath in the fresh air and fulfill our soul. A trip to all those place where we used to hang out back in the days, street foods, favorite restaurant, a sip of tea at our favorite tea-stall.

I hope those days are not so far…



Hemp Face Cover Mask

In the hours of this pandemic face mask can make a difference, wearing your mask can help slow, and eventually stop the spread of COVID-19. Currently the market is flooded with face masks and it became a tough job to choose the right one. Masks are available in market pricing from Rs 5 to 500 which includes masks those are mean for one time use and others where plastic materials are used in large quantity, at the end it leads to environmental pollution. 
By looking around the recent crisis, what we realize the truth is we are not getting ride of this corona virus very soon. “Don’t take this as de-motivation, but this is the truth”. So rather than investing in cheap one time mask one must invest on a good quality of mask which is reliable , sustainable and keeping in mind about the health of our environment too.

Hemp Mask

My today’s blog post is about Hemp mask which is reusable, sustainable and pure organic that I have received from Hemp Foundation. Here is my complete view about it. 

Hemp Foundation is a Hemp cultivation and agro-based organization based in Uttarkhand. It is said that Hemp plants has medicinal properties and thus every part of the plant from leaf to root is used to produce different type of products. Hemp face mask are eco-friendly and sourced ethically from the farmers of Uttarkhand. 

Hemp Mask

Top properties of Pure Hemp Face Mask that I loved:

  • Easy-Breathable
    I have used cotton mask before but Hemp mask is more easily breathable than cotton mask as it doesn’t stick on skin and feels more comfortable so It can be used for longer time.
  •  Anti-Microbial
    Hemp has medicinal properties and the irregular hollow core of hemp fabric trap and absorb particulates and microbes.
  • Organic
    As fertilizers are completely banned in Uttarkhand so they follow the pure organic farming and organic hemp. So it is safe from the side effects of high chemical usage.
  • Reusable
    Hemp mask can be reused for many times after washing properly. It is very durable and can be used for long time.
  • Biodegradable
    Hemp mask is purely biodegradable as it is a natural products. When you dump the mask it get decomposed with earth along with all of its good properties by causing no harm to environment. 
  • Sustainable
    After few research what I loved most about the Hemp is its sustainability properties. As Hemp is naturally resistance to disease and pests so farmers don’t have to use chemicals. Hemp conserve the water resources as it required very less amount of water in compare with cotton and other fabrics. It returns many of the nutrients to the soil thus the soil becomes healthier and fertile. It can be used in place of woods to produce paper products and many more. Thus if you invest in hemp you also supports the sustainable farming. 
Hemp face mask is not a N95 grade mask but the natural medicinal properties of hemp fabric makes this mask safer than the ordinary and synthetic mask. Personally I am impressed with the product. There are varieties of hemp mask according to the needs the additional safety features available with two-layer masks make them suitable for people with high exposure risk. Police personnel, paramedical personnel, municipal health workers, etc. can considerably reduce the vulnerability. Get in touch with HEMP Foundation to know more and Orders.
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