Place I would love to visit after the end of Covid - 19


This year has not turned out as I had expected but it was accompanied by unexpected incidents and epidemic of novel corona virus and as per the current scenario it feels like we are not getting away of this very soon. It has been more than five months the world have isolated and minimized the mobilization to safeguard ourselves, our family and nation and to break the chain of contamination.

Life is very different now which consists a continue duty roster of 24hrs to 48hrs and back to home by maintaining all the safety precaution measure. Somewhere the inner part of me always urges to roam out as its been an eternity I have not seen the free world where we all used to roam around the world with freedom and peace of mind.

I feel lucky because I stay with entire family and all of my relatives are within a radius of ten kilometres, by the grace of God they all are fine and healthy. After the end of this epidemic me and Dolon have planned for a road trip to an unknown destination. As its been long we have not seen out the things we used to visit regularly, an unplanned destination somewhere very quiet, a glimpse of nature’s scenic view and somewhere to breath in the fresh air and fulfill our soul. A trip to all those place where we used to hang out back in the days, street foods, favorite restaurant, a sip of tea at our favorite tea-stall.

I hope those days are not so far…




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